Acrobat Reader End User License Agreement

If the customer is a business, business or organization, the customer agrees that In addition to any license compliance reviews conducted by the Software, Adobe or its authorized representative have the right to verify that all Adobe software or services comply with Adobe licenses valid after seven (7) business days prior to notification from the customer. For example, Adobe has the right to obtain customer records that are useful in determining whether the software installations have been serialized, and the customer will immediately make those records available to Adobe at Adobe`s request. In addition, the customer provides Adobe with all records and information requested by Adobe to verify that the use of all Adobe software complies with Adobe`s valid licenses within 30 days of Adobe`s request. For more information on serialization, see 4.6.2 Except for educational software (as defined in Section 16.3), preversion software (as defined in section 16.2), evaluation software, Copies not available for resale of the software or software purchased through Adobe`s volume licensing program that remain available under Clause 4.6.3 may be permanently transferred by the customer to another natural or legal person, provided that: a) the customer also transfers this agreement, this agreement, (ii) the serial number or numbers, the software; media provided by Adobe or its authorized distributor, as well as any other software or hardware that is bundled, packaged or pre-installed with the software, including all copies, updates and earlier versions (as defined in section 5 below) and (iii) all copies of font software to that natural entity or entity; (b) the customer does not keep updates, previous versions or copies, including backups and copies stored on a computer; and (c) the receiving party accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all other conditions under which the Customer purchased a valid license for the Software. For more information on volume licensing software transfer, visit 14.1.3 When the customer accesses an Adobe online service (as defined in paragraph 16.4 below) or if the software is enabled or saved, additional information such as Adobe ID, username and customer password may be transmitted and stored to Adobe in accordance with Adobe`s privacy policy and additional terms of use related to this Adobe Online service (as well as the terms of use and applicable terms of use, the “Additional Terms of Use”). If the software is an update to an earlier version of Adobe software (the previous version), the customer`s use of this update depends on maintaining the previous version. Therefore, if the customer effectively transmits this update in accordance with paragraph 4.6, the customer must forward the previous version with him. If the customer wants to use this update in addition to the previous version, the customer can only do so on the same computer on which it was installed and uses the previous version.

Any obligations Adobe may have to support previous versions during the license term may end with the availability of this update. No other use of the update is allowed. Additional updates can be granted by Adobe with additional or different conditions to the customer. 16.5.2 Terms and conditions. The purchase, use and trust in digital certificates are the responsibility of the customer and a certification body.

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