Lausanne Agreement Kya Hai

Licences for the use of commercial property or reproduction of literary or artistic works granted before the war by or to nationals of allied powers or persons residing or operating on their territory, on the one hand, on or by Turkish nationals, are deemed to be cancelled from the beginning of a state of war between Turkey and the allied power concerned. However, within six months of the entry into force of this contract, the former beneficiary of such a licence has the right to require the rights holder to issue a new licence whose terms are set by the Joint Court of Arbitration within the meaning of Section V of this party in the event of an agreement between the parties. The court has the power, if circumstances require, to simultaneously set the amount it deems fair to the use of property during the war. However, each contracting party has the power to require, within three months of the entry into force of this contract, the performance of the contract on the condition that, if circumstances require it, it pays the other party compensation based on the difference between the conditions in force at the time of the contract`s conclusion and the conditions applicable at the time of the maintenance of the contract. In the absence of an agreement between the parties, this award is set by the Joint Court of Arbitration. If an agreement is not reached, the matter will be settled by arbitration. Subject to specific provisions relating to the transfer of ports and railways, whether owned by the Turkish government or by private companies, located in areas separated by Turkey under this Treaty and which have been or are likely to be concluded in a similar manner between the contracting powers concerning dealers and the retirement of staff , the transfer of the railways is subject to the following conditions: Romania and Turkey agree on a fair regulation of the working conditions of the Constanza-Constantinople cable. If the agreement is not reached, the matter will be settled by arbitration. If, as a result of the establishment of new borders, a rail link between two parts of the same country or a secondary line of one country is located in another country, the working conditions for traffic between the two countries are set in an agreement to be concluded between the railway administrations concerned, subject to specific agreements. If these administrations fail to agree on the terms of such an agreement, these conditions are set by arbitration. The Ottoman public debt is left outside the scope of this section and the other sections (economic clauses) after general agreement.

The construction of all new borders between Turkey and neighbouring countries, as well as the operation of the lines between these stations, are governed by similar agreements. States, with the exception of Turkey, whose table osman n. A is included in the table in the appendix of this section, assign to the Commission, within three months from the date on which they notify, in accordance with Article 47, their respective shares in the annual taxes covered by this article, an appropriate guarantee for the payment of their quota.

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