Multi Enterprise Agreement Independent Schools Nsw Support Staff

19 assistance in the development and/or evaluation of the programme; Helping to monitor and assess children`s progress Help identify children`s development and help with child development planning Communicate with parents, as indicated Go to casual cleaning and cleaning or individual and group activities, experiences and routines; performing ancillary administrative tasks, including, but not limited, filling receipts, signing supplies, settling the role, verifying the role and others; other tasks required by the employer, such as the knowledge, skills and abilities of the caregiver, including tasks in a lower classification: provided that this does not promote de-qualification. B. A worker at this level may be required by the employer to hold and maintain an up-to-date first aid certificate recognized by the Children and Protection Act 1998 (ii) Advanced Child Care Worker A. An advanced child caretaker is an unqualified caregiver who is responsible for developing, planning and implementing the child care program. An employee at this level may be responsible for managing other employees for whom he or she is responsible. A worker at this level may be asked by the employer to perform one or all of the following tasks: has a direct responsibility in the management of a group or group of children in conjunction with the service employer; Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment Ensure a safe, healthy and clean indoor environment for children Get in touch with parents about children`s needs and services Make appropriate and up-to-date recordings; Ensure that programs are designed, implemented and evaluated for each child in their care; Ensure that all rules, licensing rules, policies and service procedures are followed administrative tasks related to effective space management and child care; other tasks that the employer requires, such as the caregiver`s knowledge, skills and abilities, including tasks in a lower classification; provided that this does not promote de-qualification. B. A worker of this level is required to hold and hold an up-to-date first aid certificate, recognized by the Child Protection and Protection Act 1998, and to manage first aid as required. NSW (Support and Operational Staff) Multi-Enterprise Agreement page 19 6 25.

No additional rights 26. Union representatives 27. Flexibility clause 28. Calculating the premium 1 Scales of wages and allowances A which are covered by this agreement 3. Definitions For the purposes of this agreement, the “Fair Work Act 2009” Is defined as a casual employee who is hired and paid as such; The staff, without restricting the universality of this expression; (ii) iii) iv) v) (vii) a salaried employee as a teacher who may be employed in a designated position as an assistant in the food technology sector; Art assistant, CAS assistant, music assistant, laboratory assistant, library/audiovisual assistant, reading room assistant, computer assistant, archivist, bilingual assistant, teacher assistant, electoral assistant or other job in which staff are required to assist teachers in co-school programs or activities of the school or kindergarten (these persons are referred to in this agreement as school assistants or office workers); a worker whose primary function is the maintenance of buildings, facilities and equipment; either the preparation and maintenance of the land, employment in the school canteen or in a single store, or the operation of a school bus or other similar tasks, as prescribed by the school; a worker employed in general operational positions including a job in a kitchen or dining room, a job as a cleaner or janitor; either a worker who may be employed in a position of assistant, worker, assistant or supervisor in or in the state of the company.

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