Sample Nanny Work Agreement

While you may think that the professional responsibility of a nanny – the care of your children – is obvious, a complete description of what is expected is necessary and useful, says Flynn. The following examples can be used as a guide when you create a nanny contract. While you certainly don`t need to hire a lawyer to help you draft a nanny contract, it may be worthwhile to get advice from someone in the legal field to give a professional overview. This is generally particularly beneficial to the employee, as it can help a nanny protect her rights and be informed of everything she accepts by signing the contract. Are you worried about yourself? A lawyer can research and verify all the specific state laws about the work you will eventually have to comply with, Reischer says. The nanny`s payment is determined by the cost of living in the area and the nanny positions available. For example, a nanny in New York or San Francisco may be more expensive than in northern Maine because of job opportunities. A nanny will probably ask for more than the average rate if she has more experience. According to a 2017 INA survey on wages and benefits, nannies are paid according to the following table: Conditions: Kim will start on September 1st and will work for one year, unless this is extended by mutual agreement. If one of the parties were to violate this contract, both parties agree to a delay of at least two weeks; However, if Kim ends for reasons or concerns about the child`s safety or for non-compliance with the internal regulations, the Smith family reserves the right to terminate him without recourse or severance pay. The agreement displayed on the document photo on this page is accessible as one of two types of files. Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word.

Note that two buttons with a file type name with the document image are displayed. Get your favorite file version using these buttons. Once the nanny is finished, the tenant must give his statements. That`s when the nanny was successfully hired. The documents provided here must include the identity of each child that the employer hires the nanny to care for her. Two columns in the section entitled “III Children” are available to enter the adjacent line the full name of each child concerned in a single line “Name” and the “date of birth” of that child. Well, in the fourth article “IV. Responsibilities, you need a solid description of all the tasks that the nanny in addition to “… General care of children`s daily lives… On the empty line.

The calendar, if the nanny has to work, will have a separate element, so that it can be documented in an easily readable way for the future. Look for the “V. Weekly Schedule” label, then enter the predetermined number of hours that make the work week, the employer and the nanny have agreed. This is exactly how many hours the nanny must fulfill the obligations under this contract each week until she is terminated. Note that there are three columns below the fifth item order. The first will need you to check every day of the week that the nanny has to work.

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