Ucte Local 20221 Collective Agreement

33.06 During the section 33.02 notice period, the parties commit to constructive and useful joint consultations to reach agreement or a solution to the problems or effects of technological change. If such consultations involve a technological change that could affect job security, the change will not begin until the parties reach an agreement or the matter is settled by arbitration. 25.05 If a worker has unused leave credits at the end of a year off, these credits may be deferred to next year, subject to paragraph 25.10 of this Agreement. 39.01 For the duration of this collective agreement, the employer agrees to include the current pension plan for employees of the Charlottetown Airport Authority Inc. including the current bonus policy (including the percentage). Continue. Cost sharing) and agrees not to change the plan or the current percentage cost sharing, unless an agreement is reached. 5.05 In the event that a worker retires or resigns from his position, the employer agrees that the obligations exercised by that person are only fulfilled when the parties sign a new collective agreement. (iv) where a worker is eligible for a salary change under this collective agreement during the leave period, payments are adjusted accordingly; 23.02 The amount of leave with pay earned by a worker at the time the contract was signed, but not used, or at the time the worker`s contract was concluded, is withheld by the worker subject to the provisions of this collective agreement. The employer undertakes to treat students in accordance with the spirit of the collective agreement, that is, as section 13 – No harassment and no other forms of discrimination in the workplace.

In the absence of an agreement acceptable to both parties on temporary measures, each contracting party is free to insure the entire collective agreement. including duration, in accordance with the spirit of Section 46 – Re-opener Agreement and the provisions of the Canadian Labour Code, to ensure that the parties have the right to strike or lock-out, and the employer is free to return employees in reverse order of seniority after twenty-eight (28) days and will re-enter these workers in the order of seniority from the date on which the Union was declared. Traditionally, a collective agreement is defined as an agreement between a union or other workers` association, on the one hand, and an employer organization or a company, on the other.

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