What Does A Provisional Agreement Mean

The name, address of the credit owner, Hong Kong ID card number or other identification documents are indicated in order to correctly identify the credit carrier. Real estate agents should check the Hong Kong Identity Card or the seller`s identification document using the name of the owner registered for the property in the land registry to ensure that the seller is the registered owner before ordering the seller to sign the agreement. (If the seller is a limited company, the name, registration number of the company and the head office of the corporation must be listed.) If you want to buy a property, by creating a provisional sales contract, you can secure your future transaction and bind yourself to the seller. The agreement serves as a commitment from the seller to the buyer and the commitment of the buyer to the seller. Signing is also the concrete way to set the price of the property and all the conditions of sale (general, special and previous). After signing the interim sales contract, you have 10 days to terminate. If you make use of this right, the sums paid as collateral will be refunded and you are no longer liable to the seller. The action you want to perform, the required privileges that your account does not have. Try to log in as another user. The special conditions agreed between the parties must be specified in the agreement, z.B if the purchase price contains a list of furniture or if the seller allows the buyer to enter the property before the completion of the decoration, or if the seller or buyer must bear the costs of repairing/renovating public spaces or facilities required by an order/notification issued by the competent authority or registered owners before completion.

On the other hand, the seller does not have the right to retract. If all conditions are met (obtaining mortage, lack of facilities, right of pre-emption), both parties must sign the final purchase authorization. With respect to the services provided in connection with the sale and sale, the real estate agent has the right to collect an agreed and specified commission from the seller or buyer. The amount and payment of the commission are subject to the respective brokerage contracts concluded by the real estate agent with the seller or buyer.dem. A real estate agent who is a broker for both the seller and the buyer in a transaction and who has the right to collect commissions from both should inform the seller and buyer. If the property you wish to buy is sold as part of a conventional condo, the seller must provide additional documents at the same time as the provisional sales contract: the provisional sale contract is a contract that sets out the terms of sale before the repetition of the deed before a notary. As a preliminary contract, it is a notarized deed or a private act. The provisional sale contract therefore precedes the purchase/sale of a property and defines all the conditions of sale: when the provisional sales contract is established, the seller must provide several mandatory documents, whether or not the transaction takes place before a notary.

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