Whs Coaching Agreement

5.2 Celebrate and reward the positive changes generated by coaching and tutoring arrangements. 4.2 Evaluate and implement recommendations to improve the coaching/mentoring strategy when needed. 5.1 Recognition and recognition of the positive contributions of individuals to coaching and tutoring agreements. This unit describes the skills needed to promote and support coaching and mentoring in the organization. It includes the development of a coaching and/or tutoring strategy, the creation of a coaching/mentoring framework, the implementation and support of coaching/mentoring, the follow-up of coaching/mentoring agreements and the consolidation of coaching/mentoring opportunities. 3.3 Use internal and external networks to support coaching and mentoring. 2.3 The development and follow-up of coaching and sponsorship contract requirements in accordance with the strategy. The coaching relationship is based on a solid foundation of trust. The coach is committed to handling all conversations and information with the client in a private and confidential manner. Personal ideas, information or thoughts are only passed on to third parties with the client`s permission. The coach will ask the client for referral services, testimonials and comments, and the client agrees that they can be used for public information purposes. 4.1 Encourage those involved in coaching and tutoring to think about organizational processes, organizational support and activities to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

2.4 Identify the breadth of phases in coaching and tutoring relationships and be flexible within the framework. Rescheduling a coaching session is simply possible with an appropriate announcement. Please allow at least 24 hours in advance if you change an appointment. Between coaching sessions, the client can contact the coach by SMS or email. The coaching contract can be changed at any time by negotiation. 1.3 Benefits for all parties involved in coaching and tutoring, in order to ensure consistency with the philosophy and objectives of the organization. 2.1 Identify a number of coaching/mentoring models that meet the needs of the organization. 5. Consolidation allows for coaching and tutoring opportunities, the client has provided the coach`s services for the duration of the appointment. During this time, the client identifies the coaching that is needed and follows a dynamic coaching process. Dynamic coaching can cover many areas of the client`s life, it is agreed that the study of these areas will increase the overall quality of coaching. The coach undertakes to inform the client if he has noticed a change in coaching direction or if it is necessary.

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